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HICORP has forged ahead to the international market. It not only has strong technical power, but also the enterprise is built with culture to create the development vision of harmony, equity and sharing. Far-sighted and pragmatic HICORP people pursue a learning-oriented enterprise unremittingly. The rational and realistic corporate culture will push HICORP to be stronger.
【Core Concept】Focusing on Customers, Leading the Industry by Innovation. 
【Basic Principle】Push team construction,and improve all employees’ quality.

                              Promote the construction of functional departments of “New Height, Sincere Service”
【Three Qualities】Employee Quality –should be the respectable Hicorp people;

                               Product Quality-should be the trustworthy product;

                              Enterprise Quality-should be the respectable and world-class company.
【Development Objective】To be the first-rate enterprise at domestic, and to be the famous brand at board.
【Business Tenet】Credit & Responsibility
【Original Aspiration & Mission】Promote Hicorp employees and shareholders to live with more dignity;   

                                                    Push “made in China” to win the respect of the world
【Hicorp Spirit】 Responsibility & Innovation
【Talent Concept】Those who are competent at their job are talent and those who can work innovatively are excellent talent
【Development Vision 】To lead the industry , to create centennial enterprise
【Technical Tenet 】 Create a new HICORP with World-class Technology
【Quality Objective】High Quality, Zero Defect
【Hicorp Family Culture】All Hicorp People Work Together to Realize Their Dream

Code of "Business License for Telecom and Information Services of PRC":No. Lu ICP 05012433